Drinking Water Filter Reviews and Recommendations

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Drinking water is important to live a healthy life and add charm to our living. With the growing pollution in environment drinking water has got contaminated with toxic elements that can be harmful and cause many ailments. Hence it is important to filter and drink pure water which is free from such life claiming elements. Water filters and purifiers have been introduced by various companies and associations that propose healthy drinking water by removal of toxics substances from it.


A plethora of water filters helps in the removal of particulates and adulterants to offer clean drinking water free from metals toxics like mercury, cadmium, chlorine etc. and some of them also impart calcium and potassium in drinking water to make it even more beneficial from health point of   view. The site ‘Water System Experts’ focuses on the significance of drinking filtered and clean water and also highlights reviews of water filter jugs and water filters that make drinking water safe and healthy.

The reviews on water filters and purifiers are important to let people know the benefits if their use. Here are reviews of some premium quality water filters that are most recommended owing to their improved performances and availability at affordable prices

Apec roes-50

The widely used and one of the most recommended water filter apec Roes-50 works on the principle of reverse osmosis and is an under-sink water filter. It has a 5-stage filtration process and is very durable and affordable. It helps in removal of water contaminants and bad taste and odour. WaterSystemExperts.co.uk coverage is also looking into its brilliant performance in improving the quality of water.

Clear 2o CWS100A water filter pitcher

Theuniqueness of this water filter lies in its hose-fill design that helps to deliver clear and pure drinking water. The reviews of customers using it has been great and it is believed to have 1st class performance. The Char 2O also has a tank capacity of about 1.75 liters and its smooth and aesthetic design makes it a perfect fit for home use. It also has a good quick flow of water instead of slow dripping.

Counter top water filters

Counter Top water filters are most recommended owing to its ability to remove fluoride to make safe and clean drinking water. The activated alumina in this filter helps in the removal of about 93% of fluoride. It is also a very good choice for tenants who cannot install permanent water filters.

Final Words

The several water filters, under-sink water filters or water pitchers are introduced in the market with a view to banish the impurities in water and make it safe and healthy.  WSE recently covered an article on the significance of water filters and purifiers and their differences. It has also published reviews on water softeners in UK and is covering various other significant details on clean and healthy drinking water. This is the portal where you can find important details, reviews and recommendations on water filters and purifiers. It is a good guidance for all people looking for installation of water purifiers.

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